Motorola Focus Camera 66B

WiFi HD video camera that lets you keep an eye on your home from your compatible smartphone, tablet or computer.
70.000 دينار
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Live stream in HD 720p; see and hear your loved ones or check that your home is safe at anytime whether you're home or away, via the Hubble for Motorola monitors app on your smartphone or tablet 
See more of what's going on day or night, thanks to the 60 degrees field of view and infrared night vision 
Two way communication to speak and listen to your family and friends when you are not at home The rear temperature probe lets you monitor live room temperature and receive notifications when temperature changes outside of your set parameters via Hubble for Motorola monitors app Use the 7 days free trial with Hubble for Motorola monitors app; playback motion detected events, cloud video storage and receive daily summary video's; when your trial ends, you can subscribe in the app by choosing a 7/14/30 day plan

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