Irbid, Zarqa & other Governorates


Orange Jordan, the most trusted provider of fixed, mobile and internet services in the country is bringing you a thoughtfully designed ADSL internet package to make your home in Irbid, Zarqa, or in any other Governorates an even happier one.

Take a look at our ADSL offers for Irbid, Zarqa, and other Governorates, and choose the one that best meets yours and your family’s needs. No matter your consumption, our ADSL offers will provide you with a mind-blowing internet experience with many benefits - fast internet speeds, reliable and stable connection, as well as unlimited international and local calls!

Now you and your family can download all the movies and TV shows you like with no caps.

Choose ADSL internet for Irbid, Zarqa, and other Governorates with speed reaching up to 24 Mbps. Our ADSL internet offer includes data and calling minutes:


Internet for Governorates Max+

Get only the best for your family and at the same time save yourself some money with internet offers to make your home an even happier one with Net Max+
18.000 JD

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