Smart Life Kit 2

With Smart Life Kit 2 Smart Home Solutions control your electronic devices with Smart Plug, keep an eye on what's happening in your home when you're not there with Smart Camera , get notified of suspicious activity using Door/ Window or motion sensor, buy from Orange Jordan

Offer includes:

  • 1 smart camera
  • 2 smart plug
  • 1 PIR sensor and 1 alarm
  • 2 doors and windows sensor
  • Controlling: Mobile application

Customer must commitment for 24 months to get discount price

143.202 JD

Terms and Conditions

  • The devices covered by the offer are guaranteed for one year.
  • Orange Fiber lines subscribers only are able to do monthly payments for the devices in the event of commitment for a period of 24 months.
  • If the Orange Fiber service is canceled / stopped for any reason, the subscriber will be required to pay the remaining payments of the commitment period.
  • Packages can be purchased at once without commitment.
  • 16% sales tax already included
  • Orange company is entitled to stop the service at any time in the event of cancelling the services of Orange Fiber or not making monthly payments.
  • Terms and conditions of services for the sale of Smart Life devices apply.
  • Installment option price is for monthly basis and for 24 month commitment

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