Bait Al aileh 200 star

Complete entertainment solutions for your whole family, offered with the new Orange Bait Al Aileh Fiber offers, with many other special services for internet, mobile and fixed, all in one monthly bill.
59.900 JD

Price : 72.500 JD
Tax : 49.9 (16%) + 10 (46.16%)
Tax amount : 12.600 JD
Bait Al aileh
200 star
  • Speed 200 Mbps & Unlimited download*
fiber box
Orange Fiber Box
    • Unlimited local and international calls
    • Orange 30 mobile offer
    • Discount on a mobile device with the value of JD 120
    • JD 100 voucher
    • Safe internet JD 1.5 / month
  • Anghami+ anghami JD 2 / month
  • WIFI extender
JD 59.9 / month

Mobile line benefits


Mobile offer

Orange 30

Minutes to Orange Mobile


Minutes to other networks

Unlimited *
To local networks and 45 international destinations

Main data bundle

50 GB

International minutes


Receiving minutes while roaming


Local SMS


Main data bundle carry over


Unlimited data




Fair usage policy applies on Unlimited minutes to Orange mobile , Minutes to other networks and local SMS
Unlimited data for Orange 3o is capped to 20GB with speed drop of 512Kbps


Offer notes:


  • Package prices on the bill will include the special cellular tax (26%), and a sales tax will then be added to the prices (16%).
  • The SmartBuy voucher is subject to an advance payment.
  • The offer includes unlimited calls from the fixed line to be used within Jordan on all mobile networks and 45 international destinations.
  • The offer is subject to a 2-year commitment
  • *Fair usage policy applies on unlimited calls (1,000 minutes/month)
  • The offer above with the new speeds is for a limited time only


You can test the Fiber coverage in your area through this link

Your guide to the best fiber experience at home


Extra notes:


USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Finland, Brazil, Alaska, Hungary, Pakistan, Taiwan, Paraguay, Virgin Islands, Faro Iceland, Indonesia, Mariana Is. (Saipan), Martinique, Namibia, Netherland, Chile, Bermuda, American Samoa, Australia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Guam, Iceland, Ireland, Korea (South), Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Romania, Slovak, Sweden, Hawaii, Singapore, & Puerto Rico.

*The above list of countries/prices is subject to change according to international changes with prior notification to our customers by SMS in case of any changes.





7:00 - 19:59

20:00 - 6:59

local and national

Piasters /Minute

Piasters /minute

fixed to mobile

1.5 Piasters/Minute




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