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Irbid,Zarqa, and other governorates upgrade internet

For our family in the governorates 

Get only the best for your family and at the same time save yourself some money with internet offers to make your home an even happier one. No matter your consumption, these ADSL and Internet Everywhere 4G bundles are more than enough, so you can have a mind-blowing internet experience with many benefits, from Orange the provider of strongest internet for mobile & home in Jordan 

So you and your family can download all you want with no caps, choose ADSL internet with speed reaching up to 24 Mbps . 

ADSL offer for governorates (Data + calling minutes)

Internet for Governorates Max+

• Internet up to 24Mbps speed
• Unlimited terabytes*
• Unlimited local and national calls*

Offer Details

Upgrade fees will be added to the bill

18.000 JD

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