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Xiaomi accessories


Mi Dash Cam 1S

Mi Dash Cam 1S allows you to record videos and capture images while driving or even when the car is parked. The camera is equipped with a 140 degree wide angle lenses, a large IPS screen and can easily be installed in any car.
JD 65.000


Mi 18W - Fast Charge Power Bank 3

  • Classic Design
  • 18W Fast Charge
  • Dual Port Inlet/Outlet
  • Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

JD 17.000


Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger

Mi 20W wireless fast car charger supports electric deformation and wireless charging. It is both a cool and practical car bracket and a convenient high-speed wireless charger.
JD 30.000


Mi 20W Wireless Charging Stand

Enjoy fast and wireless charging with the Mi Wireless Charging Stand 20W, a wireless charger compatible with all devices that have the magnetic induction QI standard
JD 19.000


Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable - (Micro USB to Type C)

  • Cable Length: 100cm
  • USB Type-A
  • USB Type-C / Micro USB
JD 6.000


Mi Casual Daypack

  • Preppy style and classic style out of essential items
  • Large enough capacity to your little world
  • strong of wearing resistance and waterproof
  • Simple and generous design,heat dissipation,Comfortable and breathable
  • Lightweight and compact pocket can store book, mobile phone, wallet, power bank, etc.
JD 6.000

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