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Promo Premium Max+

Promo Premium Max+

  • Up to 40 Mbps
  • Unlimited terabyte*
  • Upload speed up to 8 Mbps
  • Orange Coursat :A free learning online platform offering courses in Arabic for youth and schools students, to learn more click here

  • ADSL Plan
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JOD 18.00
With Tax
JOD 20.88 / month
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  • Get smart life devices with 40% discounted price on premium offers with installment over 24 Month on ADSL bill, visit the shop after service installation to sign the contract and get the smart life devices:
DeviceInstallment without Discount (Tax inclusive)40% discounted installment (Tax inclusive)
Smart Camera2.88 JOD1.73 JOD
Smart Plug0.92 JOD0.55 JOD
PIR Motion Sensor2.27 JOD1.36 JOD
Door/Window Sensor0.49 JOD0.29 JOD
SOS Button1.90 JOD1.14 JOD
  • Upload speed up to 8M on Premium Max offer
  • Unlimited Orange Cloud storage with 2JD monthly
  • Discounted rates on mobile and international calls
  • Free Orange Home Box which gives you an incredibly fast ADSL internet connection, so you and your family can download all you like with no caps.
  • Safe Internet service to block undesired websites for JD 1.5/month Click here for more information
  • You can get optional Extra lines with this offer and will be added on your monthly bill:
    • 1. Safety kids line (mobile line) link
    • 4G internet on the GO 4G Internet line, 100 GB, with Mi- for you or any family member, only for JD 3 / month added on the ADSL invoice
  • Subscribe with Anghami plus for 1 JD/month to listen to all your favorite songs
  • Free subscription to Mfhoum e-learning platform until the end of May 2023 click here
  • Unlimited local and national calls towards Orange Fixed network only / 22k Minutes
  • Minute price towards other operators fixed network is 2.8 Piasters/minutes
  • 16% sales tax applies to device prices and to additional services
  • 16% sales tax will be applied on the offer subscription fees
  • A fair usage policy applies to all calling destinations
  • The bill will be sent through email and a notification through SMS and you can inquire about it through our website
  • You can easily pay your bill through eFAWATEERcom or online through our website
  • You can pay the 1 year subscription in advance, even if you have a monthly subscription, in cash, using your VISA Credit Card, or by using the bank collection service
  • * Fair usage applies
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