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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Are the products trusted by official brands?
Yes, All products over Orange eShop are trusted by official brands.

Are the products under warranty?

Yes, all products are guaranteed by official suppliers.

How can I track my order?

You can track the status of your order from my orders page

Can I change my order?

Order can be changed if it has not been processed for shipping yet .

Are all prices on the eShop including tax?

Yes, All prices displayed at eShop show prices with and without tax.


How long will the order take to arrive?
If your order was created during working days, you can receive your order based on your location as below
-Amman, Jerash, Salt or Zarqa: Next Day.
-Otherwise: Based to the area and schedule of delivery company

How can I track my shipment?
You can track the status of your shipment from my orders page

Payment and promo codes

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay using cash on delivery or any credit/debit card (VISA, Master, …. ).in addition to orange money wallet

How to apply a promo code?

-Enter the promo code in the checkout screen.

-Make sure you click apply coupon.

Returns and refund

Can I get a full refund?
Full refund will be determined and handled case by case.

How much it will take a time?
Refund process is same as shops process

What is your return policy?

In eShop if customer paid and signed contract there will be no return

If customer refused order before signing the contract and payed; courier will return the shipment; and the order will be cancelled after we confirm with customer that he refused the order


How can I reach you ?

-You can call us on : 0771701777

-You can chat with us. Whatsapp 0771701777

-You can send email here (

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