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10 Gbps Internet in Jordan

Fastest and strongest internet in Jorda 10 Gbps

Fastest and strongest internet in Jordan and Middle East 10 Gbps

Orange has launched a new unprecedented 10,000 Mbps Fiber speed, the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East!

Benefits you can get with this new internet speed:

  • E-gaming: more response in gaming. Challenge gamers around the world with optimal response times with minimal latency or delay.
  • Streaming movies and series with the best 4K/ 8K quality in on multiple screens and download heavy content instantly.
  • Enjoy maximum speed on all your devices at once.

New Orange Fiber Box & extenders with Wi-Fi 6:

The new Fiber speeds offers will include the latest and most advanced Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Box & extenders to guarantee the best coverage, speed, and experience at your home.

  • Faster speeds compared to normal Wi-Fi 
  • More connected devices simultaneously to Wi-Fi by four times. 
  • 75% reduced latency it
  • Excellent Wi-Fi coverage
  • Ultra-fast internet through Wi-Fi and ethernet

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