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4G+ In Jordan - mobile internet

Discover the benefits of 4G+ in Jordan and how it improves mobile internet for a better internet experience

The main benefit of 4G+ mobile internet is getting high speed on the mobile network, Orange Jordan launched 4G+ in many areas, which offers something of a middle ground between standard 4G and 5G.

4G+ (LTE-Advanced) it’s basically a faster version of 4G. It works through carrier aggregation, which allows 4G phones to receive data from multiple bands in the 4G spectrum. While standard 4G only uses one band at a time, 4G+ can combine two bands for increased speeds.

Benefits of 4G+ :

  • 4G+ offers download speeds up to 300Mbps, 4G+ is over four times faster than standard 4G
  • Increases network capacity in 4G+ locations, which means that not only will peak speeds be higher but you more consistently get a high speed, even when a lot of people are connecting at once
  • Wide 4G+ coverage across Jordan through Orange Jordan network

4G+internet is available in many mobile internet offers and mobile plans:

  • Orange net prepaid we provide you with high internet speed and distinctive data bundles starting with 40GB capacity without commitment
  • 4G Internet Everywhere, which offers mobile internet with higher capacity starting at 500GB and a free 4G router
  • Mobile Prepaid lines with diffrent offers and data bundle capacities starting with 6GB internet bundle

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