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Unlimited Internet + 100GB

  • Capacity Unlimited GB*
  • Free Flybox Router with 2 year commitment
  • Free 100GB plus Mifi exclusively with 2 year commitment offers only
  • 4G flybox
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JOD 14.00
With Tax
JOD 16.24 / month
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  • four-day trial period from the activation date (for new subscribers only) as follows:
    • Using 4 GB will be to measure download speed and coverage in the subscribers location, if a downloading problem occurs during the 4-day period
    • Users who consume more than 4 GB will not be eligible to be receive back the advanced payment or cancel the commitment, since they did not have real coverage issues.
  • You can choose one of the below mentioned devices with this Super 4G offer
Device Type 2 Year commitment
MiFi Free
FlyBox (router) Free
  • Safe internet service to block undesired websites for 1 JD/month
  • Prices are subject to 16% sales tax.
  • Unlimited internet: fair usage policy applies, 3 TB download capacity
  • Monthly subscriptions are subject to a 16% internet tax
  • The bill will be sent through email and a notification through SMS and you can inquire about it through our website
  • You can easily pay your bill through eFAWATEERcom or online through our website
  • You can pay your bills through Orange Money, for more details Orange Money
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