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Orange Net + MiFi router

  • Prepaid Orange Net : includes 4G line charged with 40GB valid for one month + MiFi router + extra 10GB (bonus)
  • Starting at 40 GB and up to 275 GB
  • MiFi is included
  • Bonus on Renewal*
  • Up to 25 GB with extra net*
  • Best 4G network in Jordan
  • Non-split Bundles
  • Item price
JOD 29.99
With Tax
JOD 29.99 / renewal
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Basic Prices

With Orange net prepaid offers we provide you with high internet speed and distinctive data bundles with the best internet provider in Jordan as below table:

Refill in JOD

Total GB


7 Voice

40 GB

30 days

8 Data

40 GB

30 days

10 Data

120 GB

30 days

11 Data

120 GB

30 days

13 Data

150 GB

30 days

16 Data

275 GB

60 days

17 Data

500 GB

60 days

Balance inquiry

  1. Through My Orange app
  2. Through my account page located on the IEW dongle/MiFi
  3. By sending *155# with SMS to 99555
  4. By dialing *155# through mobile handset

Balance Recharge

  1. Through my account page located on the IEW dongle/MiFi
  2. Through online payment gateway located on Orange website
  3. Send *150* followed by 14 digits number and # with an SMS to 99555
  4. In case using mobile handset dial *150* followed by 14 digits number and #

Purchase bundles

  1. When you recharge using scratch cards, E-recharge in values different from the above mentioned in the table or through credit transfer you can buy a bundle through *240# or the tariff will be (8JOD/GB) for this offer.
  2. You can recharge data scratch cards in the above table with 16% tax through e-sh7anli service.
  3. Offer prices are tax exclusive.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Package will include: ZTE MiFi router + Orange Net IEW prepaid line with first month free subscription + Additional GB’s bonus.
  2. Subscribers will get 40 GB as a main data bundle + 10 additional GB’s as a bonus upon activation.
  3. Subscribers will also get additional bonus GB’s for two consecutive renewals after activation. To view the bonus per refill value see the table above.
  4. "Extra net" feature : Every time the customer refills his line to purchase any of the above dedicated bundles, 5 GB will be added to the main internet bundle (Limited to 25 GB).
    • GBs are incremental as long as the customer renews his offer on time.
    • When reaching the 5th subscription, the customer will keep getting 25 GB extra each month as long the subscription is renewed on time.
    • If the customer did not renew on time, he/she will lose the incremental GB’s that was granted and the count will be reset to zero.
  5. Subscriber needs to pay full renewal fees in order to get the additional GB’s bonus for the first and second renewal.
  6. The additional GB’s bonus follows the same validity of the main data bundle.
  7. This offer can only be sold as a package, which includes the MiFi + prepaid Orange net IEW line for 29.99 JOD.
  8. Offer price is tax inclusive.
  9. This offer is available exclusively in our eShop.
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