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Window Door Sensor

With Smart Home Window/Door Sensor get notified of suspicious activity through the mobile app whenever a door or window opens or closes. All you need is to download the Orange Smart Life JO APP and connect to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Long transmission distance
  • Plug & Play 
  • Universal compatibility & quality
  • Connection: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • Gives alerts and notifications when door or window is opened or closed
  • Attach it to any door, window, gate, exits even on pet doors and many more.
  • Can program to do functions if door/window open/close
  • Product Color: White
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Product Size: 22.5x75x15mm, Magnetic:14x11x13mm
  • Battery Life: 6000 times trigger, 1 year
  • Support Device Sharing
  • Support System: Android/iOS
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Support Automation Scenarios
  • This device is not designed to be waterproof

The Window Door Sensor or a number of it will work only with at least 1 PIR motion sensor and not separately. Click here to buy a PIR motion sensor


Installment with ADSL is available for ADSL 40MB

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Basic Prices

  • The devices are guaranteed for one year.
  • For Installment Purchases:
    • Orange Lines subscribers (Fiber, ADSL, Mobile & Internet Everywhere Postpaid Line) only are able to do monthly payments for the devices in the event of commitment for a period of 24 months.
    • Maximum allowed installment amount on the lines mentioned in the previous point shouldn’t exceed 50% from the monthly fees including all devices.
    • The Internet Everywhere Postpaid Line need to be active for 1 year and above with no due amounts on the bill.
    • The monthly payments for the devices will be added to the Orange (Fiber, ADSL, Mobile & Internet Everywhere Postpaid Line) bill.
    • If the Orange (Fiber, ADSL, Mobile & Internet Everywhere Postpaid Line) service is canceled / stopped for any reason, the subscriber will be required to pay the remaining payments of the commitment period.
    • Orange company is entitled to stop the service at any time in the event of cancelling the services of Orange Fiber or not making monthly payments.
  • Terms and conditions of services for the sale of Smart Life devices apply.
  • Smart Life devices are available only in the following shops: (Zarqa, Marka, Jabal alhussin, Istiklal Mall, Hashmi alshamali, Abu alanda, Daheiet AlYasmin, Wehdat, Nazal, Bab almadinah, Tabarbour, Sahab, Zarqa - King Hussien St., Al-Ashrafieh Center, Jabal Al-Naser, Shafa Badran, Irbid city center, Irbid Thirty St., Irbid, Irbid University St., Aqaba - Saadah St., Thaneiet Alkarak, Aqaba Center, Mutah , City Mall, Safeway 7th, Marj alhamam, Safeway Shmisani, Panorama Mall, Bayader, Target Mall, Smartbuy Taj mall, Abdali, Sweieleh, Al Fuhais, Tla' Al-Ali Center, Boulevard, Mecca Mall, Sweifieh Center, Ein elbasha, Abdoun).
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